Domination: Earth

The Augmented Reality Strategy Game

“Domination: Earth” is an AR mobile strategy game that takes place in the real world around you.

Check in wherever you go using your phone or tablet to capture places and pieces of land, expanding your global military empire!

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Explpore the real world

Captue lands, find resources and collect characters

This resource mostly appears in cities, towns and villages

This resource mostly appears in the “wilderness”, i.e. any place in the world that doesn’t have a street address: forests, lakes, deserts, mountains.

Three quests appear around you in the game.
They may disappear after some time, so it is important to pick them up quickly to get special rewards for completing these quests.

Can only be purchased via the App Store / Play Store, or acquired as a reward for participating in any game-related events. 

Appears anywhere in the world (even in water; boat owners, watch out!)

“Domination: Earth” makes all your daily movements more interesting, while walking and travelling take on a new layer of adventure. The game community even jokes about adding the resources that can be found along the way to the grocery list. Quest icons appearing in the nearby forest motivate you to take an unanticipated walk. And the characters you can collect to enhance your army often alter your route as well. By collecting the resources, you build and strengthen your bases and fight terrorists (AI) or other players!

More about the game

You can find out more about the game on our forum as well as in publications about us:

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Tip: While you're downloading the game, decide on a name for your empire.

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